Ann Bjorlie has a heart for the discipleship of women, and has practiced it since God placed younger women into her life, within one year of her conversion. Several years ago she was burdened to start a discipleship program in her home and use her church fellowship to practice what they learn. Her vision was to inspire and prepare them to serve God where He has placed them, with the gifts He has given them by exposing these young women to the example and wisdom of godly women in all stages of life. Ann, along with her husband John, host In Tents in their home. She is our visionary, hostess, founder and inspiration. She models day to day, real life discipleship, and encourages us to use our own Spiritual Gifts. Ann and John have nine children and twenty grandchildren.


Bernadette is the wife of Brian and the mother of four. She was saved at a young age, and discovered a love of teaching in her early teens. Since age 16 she has been involved in teaching children-through Sunday school, BSF, vacation Bible schools, and Bible conferences. She loves making the Bible and people's lives come alive through story telling. Bernadette was part of the In Tents team right from the start. She leads the session, "How to Teach Children". In 2016, she also took up the role of director of In Tents. She lines up speakers and basically makes sure things stay running and on time throughout the week. Her passion is teaching, and nothing brings her greater joy than to see the young women putting into practice what they've learned at In Tents.


Kathy Morell is wife to John and a mother of six adult children. She homeschooled her children through high school and has the joy of seeing them walk with the Lord. She has a passion for truth and discipleship, and a desire to inspire young women to study the Word of God for themselves.  She teaches methods of Bible study with an emphasis on motivation to know God better, serve Him more fervently, and be a right influence on others.  She desires to see young women equipped for whole-hearted service to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


In one of the early years of In Tents, Ann asked her sister Kathy to travel to Grand Rapids to help with preparation for the community meal that the In Tents girls host. Kathy has been helping with the program ever since.  Her role has evolved over the years as she now teaches on the biblical command of hospitality and how to make it happen. Kathy learned about hospitality from her grandmother and she has always enjoyed hosting family and friends in her home. She cared for her father and mother in her home during her father’s terminal illness. She also hosted her siblings and their families as they would come to visit their parents or try to help Kathy during this difficult time. She has truly practiced what she teaches. She has two grown children and is wife to Bill.