Recent Miracle

John is planning a trip to Myanmar. He had a generous donor ask to pay his plane fare and “in country”  expenses. Because he waited to purchase his plane ticket until the check came in the mail, he couldn’t send in his passport for the visa stamp until October 2nd.  He and I were leaving for a week ministry trip on Tuesday before the Myanmar trip.

On Friday and Saturday John went into PakMail where he’d sent off his passport to Washington DC. No help on Friday and they were closed on Saturday.

This became a matter for not only personal prayer but we shared with our family, friends and church family. So Sunday and Monday we were asking saints to pray, pray, pray.

On Monday we went to PakMail almost as soon as they opened and the manager was VERY helpful. After looking at 2 computers, he assured us FedEx has the package in Grand Rapids and that the plan was delivery that very day…the day before we left for Canada.

We would have had a week to play with except we are not returning home before John leaves. I drop him off in Detroit on the way home. (actually Lansing for a day or two.) Long story, short. It was delivered before noon on Monday! What a relief and cause for thanksgiving and praise! Another small miracle.