Why am I here?

There is so much good biblical teaching “out there” and many godly women are saying things so beautifully. It was hard for me to imagine the space for one more voice crying in the wilderness.

My goal in life is to know God and make Him known to others. For me, this looks like encouraging women to use their spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to further God’s kingdom wherever they find themselves. This passion to teach and influence young women to see their potential in serving God enabled me to begin the INTENTS Discipleship Program in 2010.

When I became more free to travel with my husband, John, young women began asking me if I have a blog. I reluctantly said no many times—not because there is nothing to say but rather I can’t picture myself sitting for very long, learning more about the computer, or working in the realm of a blog post.

My rationale for beginning now at this late stage is the encouragement and prayers of friends like you. You know who you are and thank you and thank God for answering your specific prayers. I also give a shout out to a twenty-something woman who came over and helped me think through how to get a blog site and where to begin writing.

May He truly receive praise and honor from any good we may do in this effort to further His gospel in our lives and in those around us. Thank you.